About me - Ken-Yeaglin

My Start in Photography

My parents had a Brownie camera that I played around with as a kid. In 1971 my bride gave me my first 35mm Camera for a wedding gift, a Bell & Howell with screw on lenses. Around 1985 Minolta came out with their Maxxum series camera with an autofocus lens and I was hooked. In fact. my primary portrait lens is that same 50mm 1.4 that I bought then, now on a Sony Alpha 99.

Photography as a Hobby

My career was in the insurance business where I spent 30 years in management. As a family we took many trips and I always wanted to document our travels so I always had the camera ready. My wife and I have been to all 50 states and 23 countries, with thousands of images taken.

Photography as a Business

After many people came to me for photo services, I formalized my business in Jan., 2008. My activity was primarily supplying offices with fine art landscapes, restoration work, and providing quick turn around for golf tournaments. Since then, Portraits have become my main focus. Now I  assist young models build their portfolios, and work with families, couples or individuals for portrait sessions.  I've met some wonderful people and has resulted in many friendships.

I am the exclusive representative for Southern Arizona with the North American Dispatch Photographers Network (www.DispatchPhoto.com) for Commercial Photography.

I really enjoy what I do and appreciate you viewing my work on this web page.

Ken Yeaglin

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